2018 CDAA National Conference
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Col McCowan

Reinvigorating the Careers Agenda in Educational Institutions: Introducing a Simple and Effective Alternative to the ABCD

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development (ABCD) has not fulfilled its promise for a variety of contextual and implementation issues. We have developed a different style of career education and development (CED) curriculum framework that takes more of a career planning approach where students are encouraged to rehearse the full set of skills they will need to manage their career-related actions and decisions throughout their lives.

Career practitioners in educational settings will be introduced to what are the characteristics of an effective career education program and the alternative framework, including example lesson plans across a number of year levels. Some case studies of where it has been successfully introduced will be outlined and participants will have the opportunity to explore its relevance and application to their own setting.

Michael Healy

Career Writing: Writing Exercises for Exploring and Discovering Career Identities

Career writing has been proven to improve participants' luck readiness, which measures their optimism, adaptability, and opportunity awareness. It is focused on teaching people how to manage and make sense of the complex thoughts and emotions that can accompany experiences of career decisions and transitions.

Participants will be introduced to career writing as an emerging method, along with the underpinning theories of career learning theory and dialogical self-theory. Participants will explore the practical application of career writing and be led through several writing activities. They will be invited to reflect on how these activities may be adapted and applied in their own practice and encouraged to share their experience and ideas for further activities and approaches.



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