2018 CDAA National Conference
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“The CDAA National Conference is such an occasion for inspiration and growth for me, my business and my work; all at one time and in one place. There is no other opportunity like it during the year. Well worth the money.”

“The one time in the year to invest in myself, my work and my future. I need to keep investing to keep getting better, striving for excellence. It is easy to make excuses to not attend the CDAA National Conference, but I can become insular and too inward focussing. The Conference each year invites me to look outwards and to the bigger picture.”

“I never had time to attend local PD when I was in private practice - it was just too hard to prioritise my PD above my capacity to earn an income. So I used the conference each year as an excuse to take a holiday, and justified the holiday with the fact that it was also adding value to my practice - I always get some material I can use straight away with my clients from every conference I attend (whether it is new concepts, or different ways of looking at things, or new tools). And I needed the holiday...”

“It’s often hard for long term private practitioners to get back into a full-time job, but I got two job offers while I was still in private practice, and they both came from conversations I had at two different CDAA conferences. I took both, and both ultimately turned into full time work, that eventually took me out of private practice (one is my current job). Neither would ever have happened if I hadn’t been at those conferences - the opportunities were created by the conversations - neither initial opportunity was advertised. It was the hidden job market in real life! (it was hiding at the conferences!)”

“I am in private practice and to provide a good service to my wide variety of clients I need to be up-to-date with current research and information. To some extent I can do this by reading journal articles, but the opportunity at conference to ask questions and discuss issues gives me a much deeper understanding.”

“I really appreciate the links to further information passed on by the conference presenters – there is so much information out there online, it is invaluable to get links to focussed, reliable sources.”

“I need to be aware of my own career development – the sector I work in has changed over time and may do so again. Sometimes I now find myself working within more than one sector simultaneously (portfolio career!).”

“CDAA National Conference is the only event that I am aware of that is completely focussed on career development theory and practice with a cross-sectorial perspective. By understanding what is going on in other sectors I can better assist my clients, but also ensure that I can move between sectors within my own career as the need arises.”

“For me, paying to attend conference is a worthwhile investment in both my business and my career – I expect my clients to nurture their career and so I should do that too - I don’t expect anyone else to pay for it, it's 'my' career. It’s a once a year opportunity to meet colleagues from across the country, find out what’s new and discover ways in which to improve both my business and my practice.”

“Through feedback I know that my clients are reassured about the quality of my service by my professional memberships and will often ‘check me out’ on the CDAA website prior to booking an appointment. Being a CDAA professional member has been invaluable in my business success and the conference gives me a big ‘chunk’ of PD hours to put towards my annual membership PD requirement.”

“On top of all the serious stuff, the conference is good fun - the social aspects are a great cherry on top of the cake of professional learning. It's not just about 3 days - throughout the year I often access support and information from colleagues I met at conference.”

Conference Secretariat


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