2018 CDAA National Conference
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Conference Program

On behalf of the Conference Organising Committee, we are delighted to announce the release the 2018 CDAA National Conference Program.

To download a PDF copy of the Conference Program, please click on the PDF icon below:


For more information about each session, please click on the titles of each presentation to download the abstract.

Conference Program: Wednesday 2 May

10.00 am - 11.30 am

Conference Registration

11.35 am - 11.50 am


Welcome by the Department of Education
Jodee Wilson, Deputy Secretary - Support and Development
Tasmanaia Department of Education


11.55 am - 12.55 pm

Keynote Presentation

The Career Aspirations of Australian School Students: Understanding Complexity for Greater Equity

Laureate Professor Jennifer Gore, The University of Newcastle

12.55 pm -
2.00 pm
Lunch and Trade Exhibition Visits

2.00 pm -
2.40 pm


Organisational Career Development - Current Trends in Research

Narelle Hess, Macquarie University and Sydney Roosters


Looking Past the Sell - Making Sense of University Ranking and Data

Sebastion Marx, The University of Queensland


Job Search - Networking: Unloved, Misunderstood and Ignored

Catherine Cunningham,
The Career Consultancy


We Engage With Our Clients - But How Do We Engage With Their Potential Employers?

Graham Habgood, Australian Catholic University

2.45 pm -
3.25 pm


Improving Capacity for Youth Mental Health Services to Play an Integral Role in Delivering Vocational Support

Gina Chinnery, Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health


Building Student Employability and Creating Future-ready Learners

Tina Papadakos, Swinburne University of Technology


How to Use Attribute Based Learning to Anticipate and Ever-changing Employment Landscape

Sophia Symeou, INS Career Management



Anxiety as a Career Blocker

Bob Bredemeyer, JIIG-CAL Australia


3.25 pm -
3.55 pm

Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

3.55 pm -
4.35 pm


Exploring Career Development Education in High School Flexible Learning Programs

Naomi Ryan, University of Southern Queensland



Geography - A Basic for Career Development

Dr Greg Calvert, Australian Geography Teachers Association


Defence Indigenous Development Program - A Career Pathway Model that is Closing the Gap

Kim Davis, Batchelor Institute


I have a PhD.  Now What? Future-proofing the Careers of Research Students

Jennifer Boreland, University of Queensland

5.30 pm -
7.30 pm

Conference Welcome Reception
@ Salamanca Art Centre

Conference Program: Thursday 3 May

8.00 am -
9.00 am

Conference Registration– Tea and Coffee on Arrival
9.05 am -
9:15 am


Welcome by the National President and the Tasmanian Host President
Wanda Hayes, CDAA National President and Linda Jeffrey, Tasmanian President


9.15 am -
10:20 am

Keynote Presentation

Helping Clients Obtain Meaningful Futures: What Research Indicated are Critical Ingredients

Dr Susan C. Whiston, Indiana University

10.20 am Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

11.05 am -
11.45 am


Bridging for a Multigenerational Workforce: Career Adaptive Retirees Re-engaging as Meaningful Mentors

Jennifer Luke, University of Southern Queensland


Connect U Project - Connecting Young People in Rural and Regional Communities

Alan Davies, Connect U Committee


The Future of Work - How to Prepare our Clients for Constantly Evolving Work Futures

Lee Brodie, Career Dynamic


Educating Job Seekers About E-Recruitment

Michelle Harvey, University of South Australia

11.50 am -
12:30 pm


Young Australians and the Future of Work

Dr Jacqueline Laughland-Booy, Monash University


Implementation of My Education Initiative in Tasmania

Carly Padgett, Scott Shelton and Anthony Nichols, Department of Education, Tasmania


Further Learnings from Career Guidance Program Trialled with the Stroke Association of Victoria Project to Help Stroke Survivors

Mark Glascodine, Bravo Ability Services


How to Get a Career Start in SMEs

Euan Miller, G’day [sa]

12.30 pm -
1.35 pm

Lunch and Trade Exhibition Visits

1.35 pm -
2.15 pm


Threshold Concepts in Careers and Employability Learning

Michael Healy, University of Southern Queensland


Embedding Career Development Practices into the World of the Non-Traditional Student

Karen Browning, University of Southern Queensland


Crafting a Career Encore: Meaningful Futures for Clients in their Fifties and Beyond, in a Digital Age

Lois Keay-Smith, Career Wisdom


Are 'Nice' Leaders Effective? Or Do You Need to Be Savage to Succeed as You Climb the Corporate Ladder?

Tom Loncar, Tom Loncar Executive Coaching

2.15 pm -
2.50 pm

Afternoon Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

2.50 pm -
3.50 pm
Keynote Presentation

University Widening Participation – Towards 2020. An Overview of the UNSW ASPIRE Program.
Samantha Skinner, Aim High
3.50 pm -
4.30 pm

Q&A Panel Session 'The Future for Practitioners' Panel to include Keynotes, Wanda Hayes (CDAA) & David Carney (CICA)
6.30 pm -
10.00 pm

Excellence Awards Presentation and MONA Tour

Conference Program: Friday 4 May

8.00 am -
8.45 am

Conference Registration– Tea and Coffee on Arrival
8.45 am -
8.55 am


Welcome to Day 3 and Explanation of Sector Debriefs
Peter Mansfield, CDAA


8.55 am -
9:55 am

Keynote Presentation

Becoming Career Future-capable: The Continuing Centrality of the Career Practitioner

Professor Ruth Bridgstock, University of South Australia

9.55 am -
10.30 am


Celebrating Excellence - Award Recipients


10.30 am -
11.05 am
Morning Tea and Trade Exhibition Visits

11.05 am -
11.45 am


Unsettling our Understandings of Employability and Transforming our Practice: A Sociological Perspective on the Employability of Liberal Arts and Business Students from an Elite University

Dr Amy Bohren, Red Careers and Monash University


Career Development Services in Schools

Kerryn VanDyk, Regional Development Australia and Michael Pater, DECD



An Investigation of the Perception of Chance Events of Adolescents in an Independent School in Regional Victoria

Trent Loader, Australian Catholic University


Raising Self-efficacy in People with Disability

Darlene McLennan, Pamela Anderson, and Debbie Rooskov, National Disability Coordination Officer

11.50 am -
12.30 pm

Sector Debriefs

A facilitated structured discussion and debrief regarding highlights and possible application of learnings from the 2018 Conference AND a Look to the Future applicable to the various sectors of the Profession.

During this session, delegates will be asked to attend the sector debrief that pertains to their professional sector.  Sectors may include:  school education, tertiary education, private practice, corporate, employment services, community sector.


12.45 pm -
1.15 pm
Sector Debrief Report Back

1.15 pm -
1.30 pm

Conference Thanks & Close
1.30 pm Lunch and Trade Exhibition Visits

*Please note: Program content and format may be subject to change.

Conference Secretariat


For all Conference enquiries, please contact
GEMS Event Management Australia
on +61 2 9744 5252.