2017 CDAA National Conference
17 - 19 May 2017 • Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Queensland
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Concurrent Abstracts

Thursday, 18th May, 2017

Critical Ingredients of Career Interventions: Signposts Toward Career Education Pedagogy
Michael Healy, La Trobe University, VIC

Career Transition for an Entire Industry - Auto Supply Chain Transformation
Anthony Battaini, Hudson Global Resources, VIC

Achieving Your Potential: How to Cultivate Your Own and Others, Happiness and Performance at Work
Stacey Ashley, Ashley Coaching & Consulting, NSW

Mentoring Without Borders: Developing Professional Networks to Enhance Employability in a Global Workplace
Dr Julie Preston, University of Tasmania, TAS

Building Career Capacity in Mongolia: A Career Consultant's Contribution
Col McCowan OAM, Cromach Careers, QLD

What Should I Study? An Exploration of the Study Choice Process of Year 12 Students
Andrea Parks, University of South Australia

Learnings from Career Guidance Program Trialled with the Stroke Association of Victoria Project to Help Stroke Sufferers in Geelong to "Stay at Work", 2016 - 2017
Mark Glascodine, Bravo Consulting, VIC

No Health Without a Health Workforce. Where Does Australia Fit into the Global Health Workforce Shortage that will Exceed 12 Million by 2035?
Amanda Griffiths, My Health Career, QLD

Launch of the Higher Education Careers Adviser Digital Information Kit
Kellie McInnes, Department of Education and Training, ACT

Stepping Up to the Plate to Meet Future Food and Fibre Demands: Using Social Cognitive Career Theory to Inform the Australian Agriculture Industry's Workforce Strategies
Nicole McDonald, University of Southern Queensland, QLD

Changes in Medications for Depression: Impact on Study, Work and Employment
Sabrina Pit and Vibeke Hansen, University Centre for Rural Health, University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, NSW

Delivering Successful Internal Redeployment Support Programs - Case Study from the University of Sydney
David Scoppa, The University of Sydney, NSW

Creating Your Own Luck - Using Happenstance Theory to Accelerate Your Career
Christine Cox, Christine Cox Consulting, QLD

Emergent Career Opportunities in STEM
Anne Bowden, University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD

Career Development Services, Training, and Credentialing Around the World
Dr Marilyn Maze, Asia Pacific Career Development Association, USA, Dr Connie Pritchard, National Career Development Association, USA and Dr Peter McIlveen, University of Southern Queensland, QLD

"To Have a Better Life": What Motivates, Obstructs and Influences Career Decision-making in Young Australians from Diverse and LSES Backgrounds
Sandra Bridgland, Queensland University of Technology, QLD

Executives Career Transitions in a VUCA World: New Areas of Focus
Dr Penelope Faure, Audrey Page & Associates, NSW

Careers Evolution: A Vision of Today's Preps as the Graduates of 2030
Victoria Johnson, Education Services Australia, VIC

Students Employability Development Through Experiential Learning
Andrea Reid and Anna Richards, The University of Queensland, QLD

Friday, 19th May, 2017

Retaining Skills Within the Workforce: The Motivation and Adaptability of Retirees Reengaging with Career
Jennifer Luke and Dr Peter McIlveen, Australian Collaborator for Career, Employability & Learning for Living (ACCELL) and University of Southern Queensland, QLD

Purpose to Action: A Model for Preparing, Managing and Evaluating 21st Century Career Conversations
Leonie Standfield, Careertalk, NSW

Differentiated Career Service Delivery in Schools: A Practice Model to Meet the Individual Career Development Needs of all Students
Catherine Hughes, Grow Careers and St Patrick's College, TAS

Simple Strategies for Supporting Clients Experiencing Mental Health Issues
Dr Shari Walsh, Growth Psychology, QLD

Australian VET on the International Stage
Wendy Walker, Department of Education and Training, ACT

Career Transition, Career Assessment and Storytelling: The Experience of an Older Australian Adult
Dr Mary McMahon, The University of Queensland, QLD and Professor Mark Watson, Nelson Mandela, Metropolitan University, South Africa

How to Write Pitches for APS Jobs
Dr Ann Villiers, Mental Nutrition, ACT

Lasting Ability: Attitudes and Skills for Sustainable Futures
Louise Millar-Hoffmann, Careers Stepping Stones Pty Ltd, VIC

Innovative Career Development Programmes
Leed Brodie, Career Dynamic, New Zealand and Sheonaigh Rennie, My Career Rhythms, NSW

Youth Policy: Then and Now
Andrew Rimington, Rimington Group Pty Ltd, VIC



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